2|5|19- Posting Starts Now

Friends, Welcome!

One of my favorite things has to be when people say, “you work from home, you are SO lucky”. [If only you could see how hard I am rolling my eyes!] While, yes, working from home is a BLESSING, can you say #yogapants24/7, it has also been one of the toughest learning lessons, EVER. There are days, where I am beat down, exhausted, overwhelmed, and feel like there are a million OTHER things I could be doing around the house, but I still have to discipline myself and work. There are days like today (see right) where your coworker collaboration turns into a hermit stress sesh (thanks em! el-oh-el).

I put a load of laundry in this morning, and just now (6:58pm) realized I still need to put it in the dryer. So, while yes, conceptually, working from home is a joy, realistically, it is def not for everyone.

Now, to avoid the comments, “you take it for granted” or “you don’t realize how good you have it”, I shall forwardly admit, I consider myself BLESSED to work from home. I made coffee and breakfast for the fam (kinda, I started it..), I worked out at 10:15 with my fave instructor at Pure Barre, AND I took a 15-minute lunch break to heat up some food from the fridge.

Soo, when can I retire? #notsoon.

Thanks for reading! Goodnight-




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