2|10|19- Easy Squeezy Lunch

IMG_6218.jpegBlogettes <- wait, that is actually a word?? It auto corrected my spelling, so, this is verified.

Moving on… Growing up, we never ate tomato soup, I assume because my mom didn’t like it much, (Mom, can you confirm?), so it has never been on my radar. However, when I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday, I saw a display (I am a total eyeball shopper), with FRESH sourdough loaves, and this red pepper & tomato bisque if you will. Since Scottdale got basically what felt like its first week of winter, I decided to indulge in this duo! I must say it did not disappoint. If I looked closer or had the option, I probably would not have chosen the low sodium option, as it was a bit bland, but I added some salt, pepper and garlic powder and BOOM, it was so yummy. As a side note, I have a trusted source who vouches for the non- low sodium option, and says it is far more flavorful. So there you have it. Lunch, or dinner if you sub grilled cheese for sourdough. OR sourdough grilled cheese. Or neither, if you’re boring.

Happy Tasting!



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