2|10|19- Sunday Funday

Best Sunday Ever.

Barre + Brunch with my bestie (*heart eyes*)

When we found out we both were working from home full time, we were ECSTATIC. We had these huge hopes and dreams of working together at our favorite little coffee shop in between both our houses. We planned our Friday afternoons to be full of semi-productivity, sugar & spice lattes and giggles. We soon figured out that would not be the case. Instead of our dreamy afternoons, we ended up with nights where we needed the other’s commitment that we were NOT going to work past 8pm, again… Beyond grateful for this little lady, and all we can share stories about. She’s my #1 go to; barre, babes, coffee (when I forget to order my Nespresso pods timely), and everything else under the sun. I am so grateful for these beautiful Arizona mornings where we can get our butts kicked in a barre class, then car shop outside while sipping on little lattes (and munching on breakfast..) teehee. Reflecting this beautiful Sunday on all the things I am thankful for, and dropping the negative space I can sometimes dig my head into.

Cheers to a new week, and the same bestie!


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