2|12|19- Favorite Instas!

Is it Friday yet??

I thought I would share my favorite Instagram pages to follow! I typically don’t follow a whole lot of people on social platforms because I like them to stay relevant to me and strangers aren’t super relevant (go figure). I have been finding more and more pages that I enjoy following. Sharing them below; but I will warn you, they have made me shop more than I already do, which is A LOT.

  • Costco Deals- (@costcodeals) this page is dedicated to the NW technically, but Costco to me is pretty universal. Most of the stuff on there, I can find at the Scottsdale Costco!
  • Trader Joes- (@traderjoeslist) this page is all things Trader Joe’s! They post so many yummy things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. (inspired my tomato soup kick!)
  • Target!!!!!- (@targetgems) this page is the MOTHERSHIP. I am a Target Junkie. I (unintentionally) go every week, and even more unintentionally sometimes go multiple days in a row. Can you say, addict?!?!

Happy Shopping!


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