2|14|19- Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day, since that seems to be trending!!!!). This day has always been insignificant to me, generally. I went through that phase in college where I thought, “I hate Hallmark holidays” (Scrooge!) and then I had a cute little bf, and I was like “I love Valentine’s Day” and finally into the whole, “Shouldn’t we celebrate LOVE every day?”. Well, I finally figured it out this year- I took some time out of my self proclaimed BUSY schedule, and got little gifts and treats for gf’s, bf’s, kids, nieces, nephews, whole 9 yards, and SHOOT did it feel good. Giving has always been special for me, though time has not always been on my side.

This year, taking the time to give really showed me how much love there is if you just take the time for it. So bleh, probably not the sappy v-day post you were anticipating, but it’s the one you got.

I’d like to challenge you to take some time, give your time, do something nice for someone- I almost guarantee you’ll feel a million times better.




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