2|17|19- Sunday Scaries

Kidding on the scaries (although I am sure by tonight the Sunday Scaries will be real). The end of this week got crazy busy, my power went out (self-inflicted, I had too many things plugged in, my dad would be so ashamed), and work was CRAAAY. Moving on, this weekend was one of those that you need every once in a while- it was slow, filled with giggles, and lots of coffee. Side Note Alert: I laugh as I write this, because my best gf and I are the worst/best influences on each other, and were trying to justify to her husband last night that we bought $100 worth of Nespresso pods because we were going to stop drinking coffee out, which he clearly saw right through as we had coffee cups on the counter from our local Boss Coffee. (Linked for your pleasure because it’s the bee’s knees)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love donuts. I mean, eat, sleep, breathe donuts. (When I was super sick last week, I ordered donuts from Amazon Prime Now, #shamelessplug)

So, the COOLEST donut shop just made its way to Scottsdale, Donut Bar. (Location page linked!) I first found this joint in San Diego, then it snuck its way into my hometown, and lastly like 5 minutes away from my house. What can I say, it’s following me. We hit this spot yesterday, and to my surprise, the line wasn’t super out the door, which, anyone with kids knows is the demise to any situation. Needless to say, it was phenomenal.

I hope your weekend was as perfectly imperfect as mine.



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