2|18|19- I woke up like​ this

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if my eyelashes were real, I would be RICH. No, they, unfortunately, are not. While my natural lashes are lengthy, the time and effort it takes to make them look like I am not a boy is far more time than I have. Enter Eyelash Extensions. If you really think about it, the things women do to ensure they always look their best, it’s ridiculous. None-the-less, we do it. I am always on the go, I travel for work, I workout constantly, I travel to take care of my family, a million miles an hour, always, so being able to just get up and go is a must for me. Not to mention, I work from home, so if I put makeup on, it’s a big event. Not that you care, but I tried 4 different “Lash Artists” before I found the one. (So rest assured I vetted the process for you). Linking her Instagram page HERE, she’s a goddess. Check out her page and jump on it quick, she’s only taking a few new clients!


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