3|3|19- Reset

OUuuccchHH, that last post was rough, but it happens. It’s so crazy, I always urge everyone to take time for themselves and take care of themselves, and I am the worst at taking my own advice. My token phrase, and anyone who knows me knows I say it in almost every situation is, ” You cannot expect to fill others cups up, if yours is not full”. And in my defense, I think I do take care of myself, but not in the way that I should. Sometimes I get caught up in doing things for other people, and while that does fill my cup, I also don’t take the time to really nurture myself. It is so easy as a “busy woman” to push to the wayside things that we need to do for ourselves. This weekend was such a good getaway and remind to do those things, before I completely looooooose my shit. Pushing yourself to the breaking point does NO ONE any good. This escape to Colorado not only allowed me the time to do things for myself, but also allowed me to reflect on the person I have been (not so great). In the short of things, I have been low on patience,  quick to be defensive, and even quicker to take my anger out on a certain someone who doesn’t deserve that. So I slowed down, took time with myself, and regrouped. I am lucky to have amazing friends to share my time with, and an amazing family to give me a place to escape to. Cheers to a perfect, snowy, and grounding weekend.


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