3|11|19- F-Bomb (and toaster update)

Got your attention, didn’t I? I promise this won’t be as exciting as the title… but still maybe (??) worth the read. Today was the first day I have had back at work where I didn’t feel like I got GUT punched. Maybe I owe it to pissing off so many clients that no one wanted to call or email me today, OR maybe because my gf was back in the saddle after 3 months of maternity leave?? Regardless, ’twas a good day. Now, in relation to the title of this post, the “f-bomb”. My work bff sent me a few little gifts a few weeks ago when I needed a big push to stay sane, one of which was an f-bomb, bath bomb, which is a bit of a standing joke because we all have matching shirts that say, “I am a drop the f-bomb kind of mom”. Tonight I made it a priority to enjoy that sucker, (#metime) and man did I enjoy it. Also as a side note, (@Linds), we purchased a new toaster, and it is indeed all it was cracked up to be. It also has a pop-up bun warmer, not that I can think of a time I wouldn’t put a bun in oven (JOKE) or the microwave?? Anyways, toaster link here!

So, here is to a NEW week, and a better attitude?? Haha, I could benefit from that.


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