3|13|19- Things I’ve Learned This Week

I thought I would share the LAUNDRY list of things I have learned this week, and being it is only Wednesday, I am sure you can assume the kind of week I am having.

  1. 24in X 24in pillowcases will fit Euro pillows (26in X 26in). HOWEVER, you must take caution in putting these pillowcases on, as they will rip if you thrust it in like a goddamn rocket.
  2. If you purchase spider spray AFTER you found 2 spiders in your house, you will no longer find spiders. You just wasted $14.
  3. If you plan to workout too far in advance, you will forget and find yourself having a Moscow mule in the best company, but you will also get charged $20 for missing class.
  4. If you are too lazy to put food into a container, and you leave it in the pan in the fridge, your WHOLE house will smell like tacos, for days.
  5. If I tell you I will call you back, I will not remember. I acknowledge this.
  6. If you use a humidifier AND a diffuser, your home will be like a swamp and all outside air will feel like dehydrated sponges.
  7. If you do not practice things you want to be good at, you will still suck at them… haha (shocker!!)

I laugh way too hard at myself, daily. Someones gotta do it!

Don’t worry, be…

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 2.54.18 PM.png

Uhh yeah, I wrote that! One word, 6 tries..haha


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