3|17|19- St. Patrick’s Day!

We have been so crazy busy, I literally forgot today was a holiday (of sorts). Luckily I follow plenty of Crafty Mom’s, so we died the milk green, (leprechauns came) and it was a success. Though here I am on the world wide web, explaining my own pitfalls, so was it really a success?! I did though, already start Easter baskets, that one will not slip by me!

I have TONS of content to add this week, cause I have really been slacking, but this week should be jam-packed! Bonus, there will be a travel post up mid next week because Sunday night I am off to Washington (state)!

I’ve hardly left the house today, so much laundry, work, cleaning + resting to do, but fun plans tonight with out of town friends will make me find some green (if there is ANY) in my closet. To yet another crazy busy week Surviving Scottsdale!

What would you love to see on the blog this week??


One thought on “3|17|19- St. Patrick’s Day!

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