3|18|19- Must Haves!

As an avid shopper, I would say my advice in this department specifically is well thought out, and reliable. I would consider myself a saver and a splurger (is that a word??), but these items are SPLURGE worthy!

Up first on the list, Rothy’s. I was introduced to these by a girlfriend who swore by the quality, comfort, and value for the price tag, and without a doubt, she was right. They are comfortable, trendy and MACHINE WASHABLE. Now, for quite some time I thought all shoes were machine washable; I always threw dirty sneakers in the wash and probably still will, but these suckers are made from recycled water bottles and are made to be washed, worn & repeated. I have more pairs than I would like to admit, but here are my two faves: the pointe & the sneaker (& did I mention they just came out with a kids line?? Machine washable shoes for tiny, dirty feet?! Yes please, you bet I already placed my order!)

the pointe- my go-to for traveling! And TSA friendly #savior, to dress up jeans for business casual, or complete the look with a sheath dress, cause who wants to wear heels on a plane??
the sneaker- you cannot deny the comfort & the style of these suckers. AND CAMO?! heaven.

Follow this link to save $20 on your first pair!

Next is Quip. I am positive you’ve seen an advertisement or heard the name, it is the electric toothbrush that is changing the game. Not only is it compact (and cute) but it is highly functional, AND comes with a replacement head plan option. If you are anything like me, you know you SHOULD change the head on your toothbrush, and you should change your mascara monthly. BUT is there really anything wrong if you don’t? Probably, but I seem to be doing just fine… Quip sends a new brush head and battery every 3 months, for only $5. You can add toothpaste too if you so fancy! This thing is the bee’s knees!

Get your first refill on me! Click here to get started!


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