3|27|19- Seattle Part 1

I haven’t been up to Seattle in ages. And aside from the rain, it did not disappoint. Now, the rain itself did not disappoint either; however, the walking in the rain without proper footwear, jackets, and pants, was disappointing. (Though that may have been my bad..) Anyways, I managed to squeeze some play in, in the midst of a BUSY couple of days of back to back meetings.

Here are the spots I loved most:

1. Purple– My brother lives in Seattle, and took me to this little spot. They were booked, but he is the BIGGEST flirt I have ever met in my life and managed to get us a table upstairs overlooking the whole restaurant. (He of course schmoozed the hostess, after making it clear he was my brother, not my husband. But hey, it worked) The food was out of this world, I wish I would’ve taken pictures, but it was one of those places where it didn’t seem… like a good idea I suppose. I did however snap this picture of the ambiance, and I would for sure go back! It reminded me of this little restaurant in Vail, CO, or rather just East of Vail, Sauce on the Blue. Also a solid recommendation.

2. Top Pot Dounts– now typing this out and realizing there may be a subliminal message there… Here is a fun story for ya; a friend of ours from the gym recently moved up to a little town outside Seattle. When he found out I was in town, he told me about a few crossfit gyms in the area he wanted to try out! (A think you will learn about crossfitter’s is that dropping into a gym on a trip is like “the cool thing” to do. So we decided we would do a 6am drop in. Well… the gym we chose was in the rough part of town, and was closed up, lights off when we got there at 5:50am, so we decided, after being surrounded by homeless people, we were better off getting coffee and donuts than waiting another God knows how long for someone to show up. GREAT CHOICE. Enter Top Pot Donuts (conveniently located a few blocks from Starbucks). So we spent the morning catching up, and doing, well quite honestly the opposite of crossfit. #WorthIt!

Anyways, great trip, great company, and great to be home.

There will be more! I promise!


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