3|28|19- Head Down, Hair Up

Sooooo, as of recent I got a promotion (ish). It was planned, but it still feels good. It, however, has been the biggest learning curve + the most work, ever. I get to talk all day long (which I’m best in the world at) and I get to travel, win! It makes me value home and my family though, I will say.

As someone who works from home, there’s a lot of things I wish people understood.

Common assumptions for WFH (work from home) people;

1. My house is spotless; false, I typically make my house MESSIER during the day since I’m home

2. I get tons of laundry done; false again, rather I change 9 times a day, as my house heats and cools (haha)

3. I can work as little as I want, FALSE, I work MORE because I work from home. And I have just as much work to do as I would in an office

4. Work life balance; also false. Most nights I have to peeeeeeel myself away from my office to shower/eat

Now, I will say that I absolutely LOVE working from home. I eat healthier, I work out more, I work harder AND I see my family more. It’s everything I could as for at this point in my life. I will warn you, if I see you out during the day, midweek, I will likely be in pajamas, with a hat on, running through the store, because I have 12 minutes until my next call..

To all my work from home compadres; hair up, head down. I admire you all!

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