3|28|19- Tee It Up

True believer that there is NOTHING better than doing good for others. This weekend was CRAZY busy, but filled my cup (until it overflowed)! I feel like that is a song lyric, “filled your cup until it overflowed” SHOOT! It is, but the reference is the opposite, so (to clarify) this was a good overflowing…

Sunday I spent the day at the RV & Boat Expo, and as lame as that may sound to the layman, it was incredible. I am such a nerd about all things the let me play in the water, mud, or desert. Not to mention, my Dad was in town, and he makes me laugh until I cry. We watched people take razors, mavericks, and quads out on this test track, and Dad had comments on their skills, “GAS IS ON THE RIGHT, GIVE IT A LITTLE THROTTLE, THIS IS LAME”, so on and so forth. I laugh, so hard, at that guy. So lucky he’s still around.

Back to the event; Sunday afternoon before I headed to the airport for Seattle, we had the Tee It Up For Kids event. This event is near and dear to my heart, as the co-founder and co-chair, is one of the most special men in my life. Enter Scott Sackett, the hubby of my bestie, and SUCH a stand up guy. He (side note) gives the best advice, and I am convinced is the reason I am such a good partner in my relationship and such a patient role model to my littles. He has the biggest heart, and is the best dad, golfer, and human. He created this incredible event, and all the donations and proceeds go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I got to meet so many brave, and amazing Children who either received or are still receiving treatment at Phoenix Children’s, and hear their stories. This incredible event gave them the chance to be outside enjoying the most perfect day, golfing with local professionals- and it, on multiple occasions, brought tears to my eyes. In the last year, Scott has raised $524,402 for Phoenix Children’s. I certainly did not give the magnitude of this event a justice, so click the link above and get involved! You won’t regret the smiles, warm fuzzies, and pride you get from an event like this.

Just writing about this made my heart explode, all over again, so blessed.


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