3|30|19- Almost April

First and foremost, happy birthday to my long distance bff, Mads! I had great pictures to post, but they were all MORTIFYING. High School was not a friend of mine. Thanks for being the best in the West at friendship, my gal! Couldn’t do life without ya! Can’t wait to see you soon!

IMG_6780(1).jpgAnd with that, we are almost to APRIL. I mean that is 4 months into the year, a third done! Next stop summer. Hello, San Diego + poolside workdays (inside joke, because my boss is convinced all I do is sip margaritas poolside 300 days a year).  I love this state, and living here is like a dream every single day. Today, I had to work (boo) but I did so under the most beautiful sky, and yes, I laid by the pool. Meanwhile, the rest of my family enjoyed the snow- I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.  Sorry, Fam!

I ran a poll yesterday on my Instagram story, and the results shocked me! I asked, for anyone who lives in a gated community, or goes through a gate to get to a parking garage/ parking lot/ whatever, who has the right away, the person coming in, or the person going out? As it stands now.. 20% of my followers were wrong (haha) and said the person coming in, whereas, 80% of my followers said going out (CORRECT). A couple hundred people took the poll so I am calling these numbers legit. If you voted in, you likely got unfollowed. Kidding, I am not that bitter, but what is your logic?? I also got some funny responses like, whoever has the bigger car (guess who said that..), whoever has the more expensive car, and my favorite; whoever is less afraid of getting hit.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather!


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