4|3|19- Veggies!

I have been on a roll of dietary goodness; shopping good, cooking good and eating good! (And it feels so good!) Enough good, let’s talk great. There was this big uptrend in cauliflower, and then cauliflower rice, then cauliflower anything, and I sure as shit hopped on the trend. I have apparently become so predictable, that when I was planning/talking about my weekend, it went a bit like, “Well I assumed you’d go to Target and Trader Joe’s on Sunday afternoon”… and that’s accurate. Every. Single. Sunday. I laughed when I got home because it felt like as I unloaded the groceries it was like 50 types of cauliflower. I am the queen of making veggies eatable (by children and adults alike)!

This cauli-gnocchi is the perfect addition to a meal, or a stand alone snack! I can eat a whole bag in one sitting (guilty) so I buy a million bags at a time. Super quick recipe, ready go:

  1. AIR FRYER! This it one of my best purchases, it makes food crispy and delightful. Step 1 is put it in the air fryer bin.
  2. Spray with coconut oil/avocado oil. You could use regular oil to my recommendation is something healthier (shocker!).
  3. Add seasoning! I prefer this Cajun spice, it is just the right amount of flavor + spice.

Boom done. You’ll thank me later!


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