4|5|19- All Things Botox

I feel like this is one of those touchy topics; and I am sure I will get the “you’re too young”, and “you don’t need it” AND “that is so vain”, to which I say okay, sure, and you got it. Dare I say, I love Botox. Sure, it certainly can be overdone, so with all things, do them in moderation. I will say however, it has a notoriously bad rap, and that’s unfortunate because this shit rocks. Preventative Botox is the best Botox. Preventing lines BEFORE they are deepened and harder to get out- it makes legit sense. So no, while I don’t NEED it, it certainly will grace my aging, and make me feel better while I am doing it!

Important things to know about Botox:

  1. WHO does it makes all the difference. Make sure you research doctors/nurses/injectors. Review their portfolios and find someone who specializes in what you are looking for.
  2. You will have to spend the money. If you find someone who does it dirt cheap, it’s probably a diluted product. Be careful!
  3. It works differently for everyone. Some people need more, some need less, it isn’t one size fits all, so be sure you are honest about what you are looking to accomplish.

Here are my most recent before and afters! EEeeEEeeeekk!


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