4|10|19- Target Drive Up

Let’s talk about my newest obsession! Of all the modern conveniences that have come into play in the last few years, this might be my all time fave. I am sure if it isn’t available in your neck of the woods, it will be soon- as this program has only been at the North Scottsdale Target for a week!

ENTER: Target Drive Up. 

This could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I ordered online, late last night, and it was ready by 8am this morning. The app walks you through the process and it was easy as pie! If you give the app access to your location, the service is even better. I always select “while using the app” so it only knows my location when the app is open. Anyways, when I got close, it sent me a notification letting me know my merch was on its way! It asks about the car you are driving, then boom! You park and are served! It was life changing! (and didn’t give me the opportunity to buy things I didn’t need!) Win!


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