4|17|19- Party Planner

Everyone and their mother is getting married, which is amazing, but also stressful. It seems like every engagement has an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a wedding shower, and at least 365478397 more events. What makes it all harder is living out of state and having to pick and choose which events to go to since there are about 2 a month…  That said, they are beautiful events and I am so happy to be apart of them.

My best friend, since birth, is the maid of honor in her brother’s wedding. They are like family to me too, and always have been, so the desire to make it all perfect for his fiance’s bridal shower was strong. The bridal shower was this past weekend, and off to California, I went, again. I think the #1 thing in party planning is to not expect people to have the same commitment, dedication, and opinion as you. We so badly wanted everyone who was helping us, to work just as hard because we want them to take just as much pride in the hosting as we did, but that just wasn’t the case. (Enter stress- always a learning lesson, thanks mom) All in all, it came out incredible, and our bride to be was glowing. Court, you did an AMAZING job.


So, so, happy to be home.


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