4|18|19- Reflection

I think my favorite part about the “new digital age” is that since the internet never lets anything go (good and bad, hehe) you can look back on old pictures, on old posts, on old anything, and reflect. I found a post on my blog from last year and it really made me stop and think about the last year. It made me think about the roller coaster it has been, all the things that I thought I wanted, all the things that happened and I had wished they were different, and all of the things that led me here, to this exact place. Freaking crazy.

So I wrote this post last summer, 3 days before my birthday so July 24th.

I’ve always heard; the most growth happens outside your comfort zone. I’ve certainly never rejected the idea, but I don’t know that I always welcomed it. In recent months, I’ve encouraged others to get outside their comfort zone, to take a risk, and look how incredible the reward could be. While not all listened, some did. And those are some major life change. Good advice giver; yes. Good advice taker; ehh, I’m learning. So in the spirit of major life changes, risks, and eating our own advice, I quit my job. It’s scary, it’s risky, it’s out of my comfort zone. BUT to get to a place where I love what I am doing, change must incur. Thus, change. In the biggest way, in the most selfish way, and in the way that is really going to change my life.

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage, support and love me. #gratefulheart

Point being; do something that puts you outside your comfort zone, who knows, you might grow!

I reflect on how I must’ve been feeling. Anxious, scared, all of the above, but honestly, it was the best choice I could’ve made for myself. Since leaving, not only have I gained balance and peace in my life, but I have gained lifelong friends, new career goals + aspirations and literally too much to keep going on and on about. I suppose my point in sharing all this is because it encouraged me, to keep doing what I am doing, to keep taking risks, and to keep looking for the good in things. Change can be scary, and it can be off putting, but nothing is worse than sitting in a place of complacency. Some things can’t be fixed, and sometimes that is terrifying, but we cannot hold onto broken things, or things that are no longer serving us because we are scared. There is a world of opportunity and new beginnings.

New job, new hair, new man, new life, whatever it is, go. 


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