4|25|19- Oh for funny!

This one is 95% for shits and giggles. So I have a gf who lives in North Dakota, and is planning to come visit in a few weeks. She was in the market for new luggage, which everyone knows is like the ultimate challenge. Do you get a hardsider, do you get a carry-on size, full size, 789923 pockets, or the one with the built in garment bag?? So. Many. Choices.

So as per usual, we were screen-sharing and shopping last night, and she was going through her concerns:

  • The wheels look too small
  • I don’t like the color
  • Bad Reviews
  • Won’t be here in time
  • Handle broke, side broke (from reviews)

ALL VALID CONCERNS, of course. Then there’s me, laughing hysterically. And for good reason she was wildly concerned. She asked why, and oh did I tell.

I have this super weird life goal (which sounds bad), of being in an airport watching someone lugging a big bag, when all of the sudden all the wheels break off. NO idea why, yes understand it’s mean, but I legit think nothing other than it would be funny, hilarious actually. Long story short, Emilie is now terrified that the wheels will fall off her suitcase, and I am still laughing.



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