4|30|19- Stagecoach!

SooooOoo we used to go to Stagecoach every year. And what I’m about to say I feel like dates me, although, it’s almost to do so, considering I’m so young. Anyways, back when we used to go, it was $100 a ticket and $100 to camp. NOW, the whole experience is a few grand if you’re lucky. I’m not sure if I’d even camp anymore. (And let me back up, by camp I mean like an RV). No tent/car camping for me. Moving on, I had TONS of friends from my hometown, tons of friends from here and so many people that we used to go with, I figured why not.

It was legit the best time. Not only was the concert amazing, and did I get to see everyone I wanted, but the memories will last me a lifetime. So cliche, kill me. But really. I laughed until I cried, over and over again. And I wish I could do it all over again and again (MINUS THE TEQUILA). OooOoff. Can I just plug in here that the tequila spilt in my car on the way home, and now my garage and car smell like tequila. Which after a long weekend of said tequila makes a girl want to die??

Anyways, I’m grateful for lifelong friends- friends who pick up where we left off and for new friends- friends who you meet and fall in love with instantly, and most of all I’m grateful for all of those people giving me the best memories. The best is yet to come.

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