5|13|19- The Best Weekend

This weekend, we did not survive Scottsdale, rather, Scottsdale got the best of us. Emilie came into town this weekend, and needless to say Bottineau, North Dakota is far different than Scottsdale, Arizona… We had to show her the ropes, and the iconic cougar hot spots Scottsdale is known for, KIDDING. With the help of my local bff, we had quite the trip planned. Nothing like 3 tied down women hitting the town. (eye roll)- First stop, the Living Room @ DC Ranch. Classic Thursday evening hot spot. Up next, Paige Springs Wineries, and we close out the weekend with a 5 hour nap and a quick trip to the Vig @ McDowell Mountain Ranch!

Highlight of the Weekend was by far Paige Springs, so here is a quick re-cap accompanied by a few pictures… And this was legit all the pictures we took. I am sad there weren’t more, but we were CLEARLY too busy in the moment to peel away!

Our first stop was Paige Springs Cellars– We got there at 1pm ish, so lunch was in order. I have to say, the food was phenomenal, and the views were phenomenal, but the wine was my least favorite of all the wineries we visited. I will say however, the experience here was great. If you are in the mood of a whole buncha wine knowledge, this is your place.

Our second stop was Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery– They had port, what more could a girl ask for? Port = Wine + Brandy. Scott taught me that lesson, be afraid, be very afraid. This winery was good, I would rank it 2 on our list. The wine selection was solid and we had a few different flights there!

Our last stop was by far the BEST!  It was, Javelina Leap Winery– I was skeptical of this place, granted it had the lowest reviews on the ol’ google, but it was BY FAR the best we visited. They only had reds, (I believe that changes), so I was a little turned off at first, but my did they change my mind. I rate these places on like 50% wine, and 50% experience, because truth be told, at some point, they all start to taste the same (the sweet taste of regret.. haha!). The guys at this place were TOP NOTCH, and we didn’t have an easy crew. They were funny and we really enjoyed being there.


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