5|20|19- Radio Silence

Up in the title, I put the year as 2020, if that doesn’t explain the current state of my brain, I don’t know what does. The last few weeks have been chaos, and looking at the calendar, things don’t look to be slowing down until December (which really isn’t a slow down, cause Christmas)… So maybe come 2020, I will have it together.

I am one of those people who thrive best when I am busy, I operate best in like a crazy, high stress environment. Why, I have no idea? So the solution really isn’t to cut back, the solution is to stay organized.

Anyways, all in all this explains my radio silence! I’ve been in like defensive mode, not taking on anything new and just trying to survive whats on the calendar. This past weekend, wasn’t a “planned operation”. There was no 7:30am flight, there was no be here, be there agenda, and that was amazing. I road tripped up to Park City, UT, with my bestie and we sang in the car for hours, ate bad food, and laughed until we cried. We stopped a bit more than halfway in Bryce Canyon and stayed in this little tiny cabin, it was #perfect. We woke up late Sunday morning (8am) and sat by the fire and watched it SNOW! Anyways, full post to come on that, but clearly my brain has been on vacation.

I suppose this post was about nothing in particular, but this week should be full of fun stuff, stay tuned!


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