5|21|19- PC, UT


I’ve been bogged down with so many trips, that the thought of taking another trip was slightly daunting, BUT this trip in particular was irresistible. A road trip; and not just any road trip, but a road trip, with my bestie, through the most beautiful states, to the snow, in the cutest jeep jeep! Turns out this trip was just what the doctor ordered. It was a no stress, (actually) trip. Here’s how it went, and here’s what we did! I recommend this trip, especially at this time of year, to the 9’s!

The total trip is about 11 hours, if you drove it straight, and unless you are driving a super vehicle that doesn’t need gas, and you yourself are some super human who doesn’t eat or pee, you have to stop, so let’s call it 12 hours. We looked into a few different route options, as there are many, and decided against the Vegas route, and instead opted for the route that led us through Bryce Canyon.

Road Trip List:

  1. A good playlist
  2. A few good podcasts!
  4. A case (or 2) of water
  5. Your bestie
  6. Comfy sweats

Those 6 items in our experience made for the best road trip, ever.

We decided to make it a 2-day trip because 12 hours straight seemed miserably daunting… Plus we wanted to stop and hike Bryce Canyon! Our drive on day 1 was about 7 hours, and it seriously seemed like 15 minutes. Our first stop was Flagstaff, (yes we made it a whole 2 hours…), and grabbed snacks and gas, then we proceeded on up. I would mention our second and third stops, but I legit could not tell you where the heck we were, and I don’t think I would highlight them as “stop here!” recommendations (HAHA). We made it to Bryce Canyon at 3:30pm ish (+1 hour for time change), and settled into the CUTEST little cabin, linked here. We poured a little glass of wine and walked right out our cabin door to the rim of the canyon. Words cannot even describe how incredible the view was. It was breathtakingly stunning (I tried to put it into words anyways, ha!)…

Day two we headed on up to Park City. When we woke up in Bryce, at 8am might I add (that is sleeping in, LATE), it was snowing! CRAZY and unprepared… haha! We stayed snuggled in our cabin by the fire, drinking coffee, and chatted girl talk! Before we knew it, it was 11am, checkout time! We packed up and headed out- queue “on the road again…” We stopped a few times, and again, nothing super noteworthy. Although, our last stop, and again, I have no idea where we were, but we stopped and got a soda, and some snacks. If you know me at all, you know soda is like a once a year thing IF THAT, so this was a big deal. Luckily my bff is the same way, so it was a celebratory moment. We were about an hour outside of PC at that time, and we sipped and snacked all the way there. In true Kenzie + T Mama fashion, we perused some cute neighborhoods prior to our final destination, and it added about an hour onto our drive time! #WorthIt.



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