6|6|19- Golden Glo

I will start by admitting I have not always been the best with my skin.

When I was younger, I was a big fan of laying out, not wearing hats or sunglasses and soaking up all the California sun. Fast forward, and I am a skin Nazi (can I say that here?)… Living in the valley of the sun can be super harsh on your skin, and I certainly am not educated enough to know what’s best for MY skin in a market FULL of different skin products, enter: GOLDEN GLO GIRLS.

I have been seeing these girls for over a year now, and they continue to amaze me every time I visit. I started seeing them for custom spray tans (hello bronze!)- and I mean head to toe custom color, custom spray, perfection. Literally, every visit, I not only came out a bronze goddess, but I also learned a ton about “going sunless” (no fake & baking), about taking care of my skin, and about preventative aging. My tans turned into facials, my facials turned into take-home skin serums and moisturizers and that turned into what I am about to introduce to you: BB Glow.

I won’t even try and botch explaining the process, so I will lead you straight to the source, click HERE for the girl’s introduction video! This treatment might be the best thing since sliced bread! It essentially injects pigment into the skin during a micro-needling session to give you a light coverage WITHOUT makeup, YES PLEASE. Best results are after a few treatments, and I will keep you updated as I go, but for now, check this out, after ONE session!



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