6|11|19- Another Weekend, Another Wedding

OOOooof. Another weekend, another wedding is right. We have 7 this year, and probably more to come. Not complaining because I love celebrating, and I love love, but it seems like this year, I am involved in more weddings. And by involved, I mean involved, #weddingplanner. I have said this before, I thrive on stress, so like running around like a chicken with my head cut off directing people, and bossing people around- kinda my jam (just ask my family, LOL).

This past weekend was my Aunt’s wedding, and it was magical. They decided to have the wedding at their house since it was a special place to them. The guest list was short and meaningful, and the day could not have been more special. I am definitely too Type A to have any sort of wedding or similar event at my house. I would not be able to relax and enjoy the party without worrying about making sure everyone had what they needed, making sure my house was clean, so on and so forth… Luckily, she is much more calm, cool and collected than I am, so the experience was perfect for her.

For starters, their home is GORGEOUS- like drop dead gorgeous. They live nestled up in the mountains in Morrison, Colorado, with the most incredible views and mountain air. The guest list was, as previously mentioned, short, so everyone there held a special place in their heart, making it all the more meaningful. To top it off, my brother officiated the wedding, which yes, we were afraid of at first too… But like we all know, that kid can turn on the charm, and man did he. It was the perfect mix of sweet and sentimental, mixed with funny and goofy (he might actually get a speech at my wedding now!).

Pictures below of the most special day! Also, my dress is linked, here! I am obsessed!


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