6|16|19- Father’s Day

Let’s talk Dads.

I sent the wrong bitmoji, and he had the perfect response 

I grew up with literally the best one in existence, yes, I am biased. He was and still is a hero in every sense of the word. He is a fireman, tried and true, he’s selfless but gentle, he’s strong but sweet. Anyone who meets “The Thom Bowlin” falls in love instantly. (Seriously, ask anyone…) He has uncompromising standards and refuses to lower them for anyone (especially all the guys I brought home throughout the years, in his defense there were some bad picks).

Often times, you don’t realize all the things you learned from your Dad until later in life, so I will take this platform to list those items out. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Thanks for teaching me:

  1. How to back down & launch a boat
  2. How to eat a whole box of donuts in one sitting
  3. How to drive a manual
  4. How to back up like a pro (this really amazes people)
  5. How to cook tacos 578493 different ways
  6. How to laugh at yourself
  7. How to learn and move on
  8. How to have unwavering expectations and never settle
  9. How to have patience (this one is a work in progress)
  10. How to love and care for your spouse, even if they are a pain in the ASS

Dad, thank you for always being my number one fan, and leading me right where I am meant to be today. You’ve shown me a great example of what to look for in life, and while he will never quite be as good as you, I am sure he will keep trying. We love you!

Happy Dad’s Day.


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