6|19|19- Podcasts

Hi, again!

I feel like this is a super good follow up to my last post since most of the podcast listening I do is when I am traveling. Recently, I have gotten into a few podcasts that I definitely think are worth a listen. Below I will list my top 3 and also an up and coming podcast I am really excited to share with you all!

fullsizeoutput_14e7My number one all time favorite podcast is “Crime Junkie”. I got hooked on this podcast a few months back, by a girlfriend I used to work with and I am OBSESSED. It’s probably odd to put obsessed and murder podcast in the same sentence, so I will attempt to keep them apart.. Ha! Anyways this podcast shares different stories from famous and infamous crime stories. Anything from murders to disappearances, and even serial cases. The two hosts, Ashely and Britt are full of knowledge and always lead their podcast effortlessly.

You can check their site out here: CRIME JUNKIE



Up next is Moms and Murder. I started listening to this when I ran out of Crime Junkie episodes to listen to. These gals are good at what they do too! (And apparently I have a thing for podcasts like this)… Like Crime Junkie’s the girls (Mandy and Melissa) always post on their site the case files and any related items!

You can check out their site here: Moms And Murder



Last but not least on my top podcasts is Dear John. This is a bone chilling podcast, and it’s only 7 episodes if my mind recalls correctly. It is a true crime podcast, meaning it is actually a true story. I feel like anything I write here will give it all away, so know it’s sort on the same trend as the podcasts above! I couldn’t stop listening. I listened on a road trip and sat in my hotel and finished it once I arrived.. #addicted.


I am all about supporting my friends and their endeavors and this one is no exception. Even if you aren’t a pilot, or do not dabble in the airline industry at all, this podcast can still be interesting to you! They talk about commercial aviation, private aviation (I’ve always wondered about this), and they tell some pretty funny stories!

We have all sorts of airline baggage (no pun intended, kidding, pun intended) in my family; Air Force, Boeing, so on and so forth, so I’ve learned to love aviation. These two guys work so hard and put out some really good content, so check it out! I don’t see Dylan at preschool drop off much anymore, so he must be devoting all that time to this podcast… Kidding, kinda.

Anyways, check out their site here: 21 Five Podcast

Happy Listening!


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