6|25|19- Gift Card Giving


It’s currently 7am, and I am up and at the blog because I have officially locked myself out of my work computer. I had to reset my password yesterday, and it worked all day, and all of the sudden today, no dice. So while I wait for that to be reset, I might as well be productive in some fashion. Happy Tuesday! (how is it only Tuesday??) Anyways, I am really excited about sharing this post, I hope you enjoy it too!

I honestly couldn’t feel luckier to be writing this right now, and that might sound incredibly lame, but hear me out. Our family is so incredibly blessed and sometimes I think we take it for granted. We’ve been generous in giving, sure, but sometimes as bad as is sounds (and I hate to admit it), it feels more like a tax write off and less like a gesture from the heart. I wanted to bring a little more meaning behind giving, and really make it something “feel good” we could each experience on a daily or weekly basis. 

Growing up, my brother and I were raised on kindness and giving. We never let a cop buy his own coffee, or a fireman buy his own lunch. If we were there, we were buying. Moving into my adulthood, that stayed with me. Whether it be a coffee, or a burrito, it was my pleasure (and determination) to buy. Now, once, this backfired on me, and the officer ended up buying MY coffee just because I was generous. (Don’t tell my Dad!)

Anyways, I wanted to take that same principal and stretch it further. Yes, we still buy first responders all we can, and our family forever will, but we also began a new tradition. The first of the month we spend $100 on Starbucks gift cards. (Typically in 5 or 10 dollar denominations) Throughout the month, we give them out whenever we see please. There aren’t rules, there aren’t hidden agendas, we just give them as we see fit. Giving fills my cup, until it over flows, really, so this for me is really a gift. I’ve given them to flight attendants for going above and beyond, to sales clerks that are having bad days, or to cart boys who are sweating it out to make our shopping experiences easier. Coming home after giving one out, I cannot wait to share the story with my family. I know they feel the same way. The sense of pride they all experience in giving warms my heart. That is some good honest giving. 

We plan to keep the tradition going as long as we can. Making the world a better place one smile at a time!


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