7|29|19- Hot Cars & Heartbeats

Hey, again. It’s me. Crazy week at work, and my birthday weekend (27th), so I have been a bit behind here. Not to mention, I have been trying to focus a bit more on me, and less on, well, less on you! 😉

But here’s what I want to talk about today; people (idiots) leaving dogs & kids in cars. As always, I really only post about things that are important to me, so posts never seem forced or pointless. So here we go. I feel like recently, I have been seeing TONS and I mean TONS of news articles and stories about people leaving their kids and dogs in hot cars. The thought of it is absolutely sickening, and I swear I can never understand why these people do the things they do. This time of the year is hot, hot as shit, especially here in Arizona, so it seems like common sense to not leave anything; chapsticks, water, chocolate, CHILDREN, etc., in cars. You cannot tell me that you forgot, you cannot tell me it was only 5 minutes, you cannot make an excuse.

If I leave my car in the garage, it is still like climbing in an oven when I get inside. I read an article that said when it is 80-100 degrees outside, it can be 130-172 degrees inside. Can you imagine 120 degrees outside? That is like 200 degrees inside. GOD. PEOPLE.

Now, since it seems to be an epidemic, I shall provide a solution;

  1. Take your kid inside with you when you go inside (DUH)
  2. Leave your dog at home inside when you leave the house (DUH)

Now that we got that out of the way, have a good week, and don’t be dumb. I will find you, and the police will likely also.

Enjoy a picture of the cutest baby in the entire world, that has never been, and will never be left in a car.


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