7|31|19- Ironman

Holy shit! How can I skip past THIS?! Last weekend, the day after my birthday (which explains why I was not present), my brother did an Ironman. Side note: I have been corrected more times than I can count for saying, “my brother ran an ironman”, when in fact, he swam, biked AND ran an Ironman.

ANYWAYS- my brother is the kind of kid who never says no to a challenge. And by never, I mean never. I so vividly remember a trip in Big Bear Lake, CA in the dead of winter, we were all in the hot tub when someone challenged Patrick to a competition of who could stand in the snow the longest. So in all his glory, for something like $10, he stood out in the snow with a family friend of ours for God only knows how long. If that doesn’t show his competitive nature, here is another one (that I am sure he won’t be thrilled I am sharing on this public platform). Years ago, the “Gallon Challenge” was a thing. The challenge was drinking 1 gallon (of any fluid), because notoriously it was not possible. Well, one day, while camping, Patrick and his best friend decided to drink a gallon of water. It was going well, UNTIL, Patrick was attempting to cough when he simultaneously projectiled water out every orifice. No one wins in a competition like that.

But okay, with that background, you get a pretty solid grasp of his nature, now for the story.  I think it was around New Years, that my brother and his friends were all drinking, and bad choices and drinking go hand in hand. They all decided to sign up for an Ironman in Whistler, Canada. The stakes got higher when the challenge was applied; if anyone didn’t finish, they had to pay everyones entry fee’s. Now, both guys my brother signed up with were experienced in races of similar facets. Derek runs marathons, and David does…. something.

Regardless, my brother finished (THANK GOD), and I could not be more proud. I don’t think he wants to do another ever again, but what a freaking accomplishment. 

Patrick- I am so so so proud of you. Your willpower, athleticism, and attitude is to be admired. I love you lots!


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