8|18|19- Busy Being Busy

I feel like the picture I have mapped out to put with this post does not actually match this post, but I am going to do everything in my power to somehow tie it in here. Life get’s super crazy, so the best solution is to laugh it off. It usually winds up being me laughing at myself (whoops!). Here is the problem about starting a post and then coming back to it, I forgot what the picture I referenced is..

Regardless, I am sure I will find one to fit. The last few weeks have been full of changes, self reflection and moments of confusion. It is crazy that in a day, in a single day, I have moments of, this is the day ever, AND moments of holy shit, can I catch a freaking break? But I suppose that’s what life is, a compilation great and disastrous moments. L O L (upside-down smiley face).

I remember dreading weekends, because it was like catch up time, laundry time, cooking time, and I never felt like I caught a break. (And trust me I still do those things) but I am focusing on spending time playing too. Since it’s hotter than (insert your own profanity), we have been hitting the lake every weekend, and man oh man, does it remind me how important good friends and good fun are. I love every moment of my chaotic week, but I’m growing to love my busy weekends even more. It is so easy to get wrapped up in being a partner, and mom, or worker bee, or dad and mr. fix it, that you forget it”s important to stay well rounded and make time for some fun weekend things too. As a TYPE A planner, this whole fly by the seat of my pants thing has been an adjustment, but it’s an adjustment in the best way.

My parents were in town this weekend, and we used these dinner table discussion cards at dinner and one of them was what is something your significant other has taught you? And mine was less planning, more enjoying. I have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the details that then I am stuck sticking to an agenda instead of drinking a glass (bottle) of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

I REMEMBER THE PICTURE and I think it is a moment I will never forget. Post lake day, gas station BBQ, a cupcake we didn’t want to eat, but didn’t want to trash. Windows down, (AC on), sunset, and good  great friends. Me, taking a blog picture, and my sweet friends fed up with my blog pictures and mocking me. Enjoy.


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