8|19|19- Sophia’s Kitchen

Finally getting around to this post! It has been on the need to post list for weeks, and without further a-do… Sophia’s Kitchen. 

Think the Vig, meets Isabella’s meets Nick’s Italian, but better. This little joint opened 6ish months ago, and has been KILLING the game. They have an incredible patio, that I cannot wait to utilize when it cools down a bit! Nestled in the McDowells, in North Scottsdale, this place boasts a menu sure to please everyone.

We started with a bruschetta board and of course a bottle (or 2??) of wine. I have been into Malbec’s recently and this one might have made my list of favorites. Now I hear this all the time, “I don’t like red wine”. Well, up until maybe 6 months ago neither did I, and my girlfriend hated reds until our Sophia’s visit! In my opinion, and I am by no means a sommelier, Malbec’s are not quite as harsh or chalky as traditional reds. We moved on to dinner and GOOD GOD was it amazing. They make all their pasta’s in house daily, and they were all drool worthy. We’ve gone back since, so I can make a million recommendations:

  1. Mushroom Risotto- obsessed (TO DIE FOR, I also love mushrooms, so duh)
  2. Ravioli’s- freaking yum
  3. Bruschetta- still drooling
  4. Short Rib- one of those “want to switch plates with me?” times, because someone ordered better food than you…

You won’t regret it, so GO! And invite me, because I will go every time.




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