08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season

Breaking- Freaking- News. It’s the first day of fall (according to Starbucks) which means pumpkin is back. Side note: Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased Pumpkin Spice K- Cups, so I knew it was officially the season. Can you believe it is already fall? Or close to it.. ha. 

Anyways, if you are anything like me, and coffee runs in your veins, you have the Starbucks app, and you get alllll the Starbucks emails. The email I got yesterday introduced Pumpkin back onto the menu. Now, I am very particular, and I stick to my very basic coffee’s but when Pumpkin comes back, all bets are off. This year, since cold brew and nitro cold brew have been so popular, they introduced a pumpkin cold foam, on top of cold brew. AND MAN, was this a winner. I love pumpkin, but not overly overly sweet. This nailed it. For someone who wants the idea of fall while still sweating it out in 115 degree weather… boom. (A girl can dream of fall, okay?)

Pretty sure the car next to me watched me have a photo shoot with my coffee, and I decided to not use any of those pictures anyways.. (upside down happy face)

Please enjoy the irony of this fall pumpkin drink in front of a cactus, thank you, Scottsdale. 


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