GOoOoood freaking Lord. This week has been insane in the membrane. I was so relieved that today was finally Friday, until I got hit by a giant rock on the freeway at 7am this morning, which resulted in a shattered windshield.  Oh but it gets better, AAA doesn’t make replacement windshields for brand new cars (which I suppose makes sense) so they have to call Cadillac and see if they can get me a new windshield. Perks of a 2019, NOT. All the while, I cannot drive it because I can’t see out the drivers side. Luckily we have another car, but shit.

End Rant. (Probably)

This week was a whirlwind, and it really made me think a lot about the relationships in my life; friendships, relationships, companionship, and all the other ships. (That was meant to be funny).

As a side note: I bought a cheap roller chair mat on Amazon, because who spends $50 on a roller mat, and I probably should have, damn it. My chair has sunk into this cheap plastic and I’m freaking miserable. 

But anyways, I had a fall out with a friend this week, and it really broke my heart. When it all took place, I had the opportunity to address it and I didn’t. Now, partially because I am a cry baby and I would’ve cried, but also partially because I was speechless, I had no words. So was walking away the best option? Maybe, maybe not. After I had time to think, I sent a really well thought and honest message, laying out my feelings and the effect it had on me. For me, waiting and being methodical is the right way to go about things like this, because I have the tendency to be a huge hot head. What followed was the most important part. It turned into a really good conversation about expressing our feelings and giving some space. By now, it’s almost completely over. Aside from some lingering feelings, it felt great to have an honest conversation about what happened. It made me think about why I take the time and composure to repair some relationships, and not others. I tried to bring it full circle and do some digging into how forgiveness and compassion show up in my life.

Sometimes the most chaotic weeks bring a lot of good leanings. This week was one of those for sure. Just like I prioritize things in my schedule when I am busy, I prioritize relationships, too (which is completely normal). This week brought back some awareness into what relationships I am prioritizing and WHY. I feel like I am ending this week with a lot of clarity and peace with all the relationships I have in my life, and how much time and effort I dedicate to keeping them aligned.

SO aside from the effing windshield, I feel at peace. PLUS t-minus 6 days until we head off to Denver, and t- minus 13 days until my bestie is back in town!

As a highlight for this week, my favorite gal pal and I do what we call “Two-sday” where we drink 2 bottles of Rosé on Tuesday’s. It’s like an adult playdate, and I’m obsessed. So enjoy the featured image, from Twosday!

Enjoy your long weekend, I know I will!


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