11.06.19 Social Hiatus

You may have noticed, and if you didn’t notice, you are clearly new or NOT subscribed, that I have been MIA (missing in action, we aren’t all millennials) for the last 2 months or so. And there are a few reasons for that. Since my blog is mine, I shall be transparent and list those here:

  1. The holiday season (Q4) is busier than shit. Work, kids, schedules, travel, you name it, it’s busy.
  2. My posting was getting inauthentic. I was posting to just get content out and I stopped loving it.
  3. Our house has been in utter disarray. I haven’t even been able to keep up with dishes, let alone take time to write, post and plan.
  4. My mental state has been wacky. I haven’t been myself. I have been stressed beyond belief and needed to put more time into being me.
  5. I wrecked & still don’t have a car.
  6. Oh- and we got a puppy. Which looking back, was poor timing. Yes, we can admit it.

But, I am back, and I am so excited to share what is coming up in the next few weeks. I have tons of good pictures, companies, stories and recipes that will be worth the wait.

I am hoping this season (of life) will be better & healthier. It has been a rough couple weeks in our house, but we have finally all recovered from the flu, the mental mess + financial drama. With the help of my trusty steed, Crunch, we are getting back in the swing of things.

Stay Tuned, please.

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