11.07.19- Crunchy P

We adopted a puppy. ADOPTED. And it was the best choice ever. We had been looking for months at mini-goldendoodles (hypoallergenic, non-shedding, perfect size) and couldn’t find one for less than a two-grand OR that was even conceived yet. We were on a waiting list for Fall of 2021. How is that even a thing? To make a long story, short (or at least shorter), I am part of the Arizona Doodles Group on facebook.. and someone posted a scraggly rescue that was genetically tested and came out as a mini-goldendood! Without hesitating, we jumped at it! And within weeks we had a sweet little baby boy! He was found in an industrial park, and was believed to have never had a family. He was in quarantine for a few months because he was found with mange, but is now as healthy as ever!

Holy shit puppies are a lot of work. Who even knew they could poop SO much? I mean he’s only 21 pounds and I swear poops out at least 5 pounds a day. I mean it is miraculous. Other pitfalls of adopting a MALE dog is that they freaking pee on everything, instinctually. Now, I know people (like my parents) who have trained their male dog not to, but when you get them off the streets, you don’t really get the benefit of training them. The streets trained this little guy...

Crunch started puppy school a few weeks ago, and has been thriving. He hates treats, but loves affection, so we reward him throughly. He snuggles like it’s nobodies business + never ever barks. He is really the best puppy we could’ve asked for, and even though it was likely the WORST time we could have ever adopted a dog, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

Adopt, don’t shop. I won’t ever shop again. This little dude loves being here, but we love having him more.

Tell me your puppy stories; or tips + tricks. Those are welcome, too!

P.S. His name is Crunch, last name Palmer.

Soo, Crunchy P. He isn’t gross, crunchy and crusty if that is where your mind went.

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