11.10.19- Keto Cooking

Happy Sunday, Gals & Guys. The pup & I slept in (late) and made it to puppy class with like 30 seconds to spare. As a side note, right after we got to puppy school, I was fiddling through my backpack to find Crunch’s snack pack and he peed on my backpack. So for everyone who thought my last post made it seem like we were doing well in the puppy training arena, we are not always nailing it. Not to mention, he would barely sit at class today, and I had to beg the instructor to not kick us out.

Anyways, he is laying here cute as a button, so I forgive him. Since coming home, I have not left the kitchen. The first week we started Keto I prepared all our food ahead of time so I really set us up for success and at the end of the week last week, we slacked off a bit and it caused some desires to stray from the diet. (We didn’t but still). So today, I was determined to cook all the food.

When I am planning a menu, I have to think of foods that can not only be eaten when we are home, but also eaten when Max is on the road. This consists of vacuum sealing food, freezing it and packing it for him before he leaves on a 2 or 3 day trip. SOoOoo it kinda changes the way I plan our menu. Today, Max requested some casseroles, because in his words “did you know I really like casseroles?”, which means, “make me casseroles, girl”. Boom, casseroles.

I made;

  1. keto breakfast casserole (eggs & cream cheese {blended}, spicy breakfast sausage, green hatch chilies, cheese and finally jalapeños {because we LOVE spicy})
  2. keto creamy chicken casserole (chicken, homemade taco seasoning, green hatch chilies, verde salsa, cream cheese and sharp white cheddar
  3. keto shepards pie (ground beef, grilled onions, worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, mashed cauliflower and mozzarella cheese
  4. keto {key lime} cheese cake (almond flour, vanilla, butter & granulated swerve, then cream cheese, powered swerve, vanilla, organic lime juice and I think that is it

Stay tuned.

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