11.20.19- Oh, brother.

Happy Birthday to the dude who scared away all my boyfriends, did a significant amount of my math homework, and protected me from a heck of a lot growing up. Being the youngest and the only girl comes with its fair share of challenges (older brothers being one of those challenges), but having someone you know you can always count on, is next to none.

Patrick, I am so vastly amazed at your accomplishments. I am so proud of who you are and also slightly worried, but that’s okay, too. You are the best role model (which probably worries Mom), and you are a great example of what hard work and dedication lead to. As long as I can remember, you’ve wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and nothing ever got in your way. You’ve kicked a$$ and taken names at Boeing, and you have such great opportunities ahead of you.

Thank you for always calling, and checking in. I never once have doubted how much you care.

Our home will be full of family this week. My parents, brother & maybe this mystery girl (if she’s real) will all be making the trek to Scottsdale this week, and our hearts couldn’t be fuller. This week holds not only Patrick’s birthday, but parents anniversary and my dad’s birthday as well. Too bad, Max and I are 7/27 and not 11/27. Boo.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Brother.

Love you 5 ever.

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