11.22.19- Why We Cook Our Puppies Food

I swore up and down I was never going to be a crazy dog lady, but would you look at that face?! We also swore we would never be the people to take our dog to restaurants or family gatherings and again, here we are.

As many of you know, when Crunch came to us, we had no idea anything about him. We got a genetic test telling us his breed, and a little background and a whole lot of assumptions. When we brought him home, we took him to the vet to assure he was healthy, and thankfully, he was. After being home for a few weeks, we noticed some slight itching, which in new environments and at this time of the year, we assumed was normal. We gave him some Benadryl and it all subsided. A few weeks later, we weaned him off the food that he was sent home with and moved him to a healthier pet food we had picked out.

Fast forward, we THINK Crunch was exposed to Salmonella. Like all paranoid mothers, I used out tele-vet (which is the SHIT) and let them know we thought Crunch was exposed. They were significantly more calm than I was, shocker, but they reccomended putting Crunch on the “bland diet”, which was white rice, chicken or chicken baby food and greek yogurt.

Luckily, Crunch did not get Salmonella, which Max swears dogs are immune to (they aren’t ;)). BUT it got us thinking about what we are putting in his body, how he’s reacting to it, and how easy it is to do ourselves. Researching dog diets is not easy and there is even cook books, who knew? But we’ve landed on a diet and we are working trial and error. Crunch seems to LOVE it, and so were happy too!

I am sure everyone has an opinion on this subject, so let’s hear it!

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