11.25.19- Almost Christmas (like 30 days)

I decided it was finally time to decorate for Christmas. Everyone keeps commenting about how people start decorating earlier and earlier, and I think I just haven’t noticed #oblivious. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to decorate but as I previously mentioned, my mother was in town, and knew exactly how she wanted to decorate (wink!). The last few weeks we have been exchanging pinterest pins (thankfully people are creative, because I’m not)… and so we were sorta on the same page. We hit Home Goods and it was all we needed.

I didn’t want to over do it, and I didn’t want my house home, to look like a jumbled shit storm, so we went with a super traditional and low key decor vibe. I hopped on the tiered tray wagon earlier this year, and have been swapping that out seasonally, so I feel like that was sorta the center of our design.

I am fairly sure I could’ve thrown up some confetti in the right colors and no one in this house would’ve called me out, but that isn’t the point… now is it?!

Max has a grand idea to get a real Christmas tree this year, and that is still on the “honey do” list, but we do have a permit to go cut one down (under 10 feet)- so I am thinking it might actually happen. We both have ornaments from our childhoods and to me that makes a better tree than the fancy all put together kind. Seems more meaningful, just an opinion! BUT you are on my blog, so you do get my opinion!

More to come as we (meaning I) continue to decorate! This house becomes more and more of a (temporary) home every single day!

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