12.18.2019- it's all about Crunch

I have been re-focusing my social media efforts towards the star of our family, Crunch and his #pupinfluencer status. He really is incredibly photogenic, so it doesn’t take much work. Anyways, that seems to be gaining traction on its own, so I am back.

The last few weeks have consisted of holiday shopping, planning & a lot of happy hours. (We wouldn’t want it any other way)- But I am exhausted. Finally, all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree so we actually look like we are participating in Christmas. The hardest part for me this year was stockings, it was nearly impossible. But I figured it out with the help of my dude mom friends + family and I think we nailed it.

My mom & Max both come back into town tomorrow, and land 4 minutes apart. Still debating who to pick up first… Since I am sure the other will be mad they were second… Since we will be spending most of the time between Christmas & New Years at my Mom’s cabin, we needed to figure out how to get all our gear there AND what to do with the infamous Crunch. Since we fly standby, checking our gear seemed next to impossible, our puppy babysitter was out of town, and others wanted $100 a night (times 11 nights, no thanks). So we had our fair share of challenges. THUS, we decided to drive. With Max’s schedule, him going seemed like a long shot, so my sweet mother offered to fly out to drive with me. (She’s doing it for Crunch, make no mistake).

A holiday road trip, what could go wrong? Stay tuned for that post.

I don’t have much else, as this family could use a break on all the excitement. So here are some pictures of the most photogenic member of our family, and if you aren’t following him on instagram, you should: @crunchthegoldendood

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