12.26.2019- Christmas is Blissmas (kinda)

What a week, y’all. Traveling around the holidays is no joke, but when you chose a Pilot for a signifiant other, it’s mandatory.

I’m not sure where I last left off, but I am pretty sure I explained the dog debacle and our half rate solution. So let me tell you about the 13 hour road trip. I don’t remember much because I slept for most of it, but in the hours I was awake, I recall the dog acting like an angel, mom listening to true crime podcasts (a woman after my own heart) and a whole bunch of nothing out the windows. I drove for like 3 hours which meant mom drove 10.. HOWEVER, I drove in the middle, so she drove like 4.5 and 4.5. She didn’t complain, and I would’ve driven more… but since she didn’t.. I let her do her thing. We arrived shortly after 5 and mowed down some pizza #worthit.

Our dog has adapted well, and is happy as a clam having another dog his size to pick on. The two of them (my moms mini labradoodle) are BESTIES. It is the cutest thing, and makes that 13 hour drive, and the one we (meaning I) have to do back home. MOVING ON.

Max worked Christmas Day, and in an effort to make sure he wasn’t alone, I flew out to spend the day with him. Perks of free flying! So we headed to Ontario for Christmas. Luckily, since I grew up not too far from there, we still had family locally. We spent the afternoon with my uncle, aunt + cousins and it turned out to be a really great Christmas. This morning I am on a flight back to Denver + Max will be headed this way after he flies to Chicago and back, EW.

This holiday season has been a wild one, but it’s looking up for sure. I am so grateful for my sweet (and accommodating) family, for free flights to make being with everyone I love possible + coffee for making airport delays survivable.

Happy Holidays + Safe Travels.

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