Winter, never end. Xo, Kenzie.

I am behind in posting, and I am behind in life too, so don’t be offended. I am getting to the point where I have to look at the date on the photos I take, because all the weeks are blurring together. BUT, I am not complaining by any means. I have had some eventful trips mixed up here in the last few weeks.

It was time for Stinky McGee (Crunch) to take a bath today, and he is currently staring me down like I just did the worst thing possible to him. He luckily does great in the bath, but getting him in and taking him out are NOT easy, especially when I am on my own. On top of that, he hates the blow dryer, and will just pee he is so terrified, so I let him air dry… Which is fine, except on my freshly cleaned white bed. UGH.

I do love traveling, but I love being home with this little dude, too! We have a lot of really cool friends, who like to do really cool stuff, and with them, we have created some really cool memories. Now, I assume this trip wasn’t supposed to be a girls trip, but it ended up that way, and I really can’t complain. There is something about skiing/snowboarding, LOTS of champagne, fresh air (even though it was thin as shit, hello 10,000ft elev.) and good gal pals to share it all with.

Best time, with the best girls. Nothing beats snowy mountain towns, the Franz Klammer & shopping until you drop. Why doesn’t work have Winter Break? Can I pretend it does? Now accepting applications for winter vacation blog sponsorship…

(Transition from fun to not so fun): Recently, I have been evaluating my social media presence. My greatest girlfriend and I had a really hard conversation about our social image vs who we really are, and she asked me to take a really hard look at if the two aligned, and I found in some areas it doesn’t. My blog is my truest me, I get to tell stories, I get to share things I love and why I love them. It is unapologetically me, and is a solid reflection of what I am up to. Now, other platforms, no. I found myself hiding pictures on facebook, untagging myself from things and trying to preserve the best version of myself. She asked why that was, and my response was, well, if someone looks me up, I don’t want to be misinterpreted. And that’s when it hit me. I did that to people. I looked up people before I met them, and assumed I knew them. I assumed I had things figured out. And I didn’t. It made me realize really quickly that I needed to pull away. I deleted my Facebook, and really haven’t noticed it much. I am grateful for friends who can point that stuff out, and who bring up real conversations when it is easy to be fake. Anyways, I am sure that rant was unnecessary, but it’s my blog… so?

Off to hot yoga, nothing says fun like 105 degrees and 55% humidity. Sweating the bad stuff out & moving right along.

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