2020, you are killing me.

Errrffff. This year has been wild. I see all these memes that say, “This has been the longest year of my life” (and it’s barely Feb). That is the joke, for those of you who are less understanding of humor.

As an individual, I have had really solid moments of clarity, and some moments of how do I say this without being offensive?- mmm.. moments of shit. There, was that offensive? And not only moments of shit, but moments of feeling really shitty. Which, if you know me at all, is rare. I don’t sulk (for long, wink), and I try to keep a really good attitude. It isn’t always that easy, and recently hasn’t been easy at all.

I saw a quote yesterday, and it said:

“Be someone who makes everyone feel like a somebody”

I am pretty sure that is going to be my 2020 tagline. That is really all I had to say for now. My brain is too full with other matters to write a novel. Soon, I will return.

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