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Let's Get Acquainted

Well, hello! You found me! I'm MacKenzie.

I am so happy you stumbled upon my page; it is my hope you take something away from this collection of words- even if it's just a laugh. There is no rhyme or reason to what's posted here, so don't expect extreme coordination. I work full time in sales, so this isn't by any means the only thing I have going on. I also manage a million schedules that balance a significant other who flies around the world for work, 3 kiddos and everyone's activities. It is fun, rewarding and exhausting all wrapped up in a bow {not a nice bow, but still a bow}!

I hope you come back over and over and over again, and can relate to our chaotic life in some way, shape or form. 

We don't pledge to be perfect, but we certainly pledge to be entertaining. 

Enjoy! As always, xo. M.

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