11.11.19- Veteran’s Day

This day always humbles me. I am the first to admit, sometimes I get really wrapped up in my own life & forget that there are people fighting for me to have all the freedom I do. Veteran’s deserve to be celebrated everyday, all first responders do. I saw a quote today and it reallyContinue reading “11.11.19- Veteran’s Day”

11.10.19- Keto Cooking

Happy Sunday, Gals & Guys. The pup & I slept in (late) and made it to puppy class with like 30 seconds to spare. As a side note, right after we got to puppy school, I was fiddling through my backpack to find Crunch’s snack pack and he peed on my backpack. So for everyoneContinue reading “11.10.19- Keto Cooking”

11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?

Yesterday was summer and today is Christmas. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Growing up, my Mom always told us the best time to shop was RIGHT after the holidays. All the things were on sale, and you’d just have to keep them up in the rafters until next year. And while I always didContinue reading “11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?”

08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season

Breaking- Freaking- News. It’s the first day of fall (according to Starbucks) which means pumpkin is back. Side note: Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased Pumpkin Spice K- Cups, so I knew it was officially the season. Can you believe it is already fall? Or close to it.. ha.  Anyways, if you are anythingContinue reading “08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season”

7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)

First a story, then the fun stuff! Pretty much the day I graduated high school, I was gone. No, I didn’t hate my hometown, I didn’t have a poor upbringing (quite the opposite actually), but I was ready to get the heck out. I lived my whole life under one roof, which is not theContinue reading “7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)”