11.11.19- Veteran’s Day

This day always humbles me. I am the first to admit, sometimes I get really wrapped up in my own life & forget that there are people fighting for me to have all the freedom I do. Veteran’s deserve to be celebrated everyday, all first responders do. I saw a quote today and it really embodied today.

Be the type of American worth fighting for.

Our gym honored our favorite Veteran today with a workout called the Ranger Race and man was it brutal. Carson is a retired Army Ranger & is one of the raddest dudes I know. He kicks ass in the gym every single day and I am so honored to call him a friend. The workout {above} took us somewhere close to 50 minutes followed by laying on the floor to regain consciousness.

I also brought him a dozen donuts, only to find out Veteran’s get free donuts on Veteran’s day. #whoops

To those who have served, are serving and will serve, we honor you, today & everyday!

11.10.19- Keto Cooking

Happy Sunday, Gals & Guys. The pup & I slept in (late) and made it to puppy class with like 30 seconds to spare. As a side note, right after we got to puppy school, I was fiddling through my backpack to find Crunch’s snack pack and he peed on my backpack. So for everyone who thought my last post made it seem like we were doing well in the puppy training arena, we are not always nailing it. Not to mention, he would barely sit at class today, and I had to beg the instructor to not kick us out.

Anyways, he is laying here cute as a button, so I forgive him. Since coming home, I have not left the kitchen. The first week we started Keto I prepared all our food ahead of time so I really set us up for success and at the end of the week last week, we slacked off a bit and it caused some desires to stray from the diet. (We didn’t but still). So today, I was determined to cook all the food.

When I am planning a menu, I have to think of foods that can not only be eaten when we are home, but also eaten when Max is on the road. This consists of vacuum sealing food, freezing it and packing it for him before he leaves on a 2 or 3 day trip. SOoOoo it kinda changes the way I plan our menu. Today, Max requested some casseroles, because in his words “did you know I really like casseroles?”, which means, “make me casseroles, girl”. Boom, casseroles.

I made;

  1. keto breakfast casserole (eggs & cream cheese {blended}, spicy breakfast sausage, green hatch chilies, cheese and finally jalapeños {because we LOVE spicy})
  2. keto creamy chicken casserole (chicken, homemade taco seasoning, green hatch chilies, verde salsa, cream cheese and sharp white cheddar
  3. keto shepards pie (ground beef, grilled onions, worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, mashed cauliflower and mozzarella cheese
  4. keto {key lime} cheese cake (almond flour, vanilla, butter & granulated swerve, then cream cheese, powered swerve, vanilla, organic lime juice and I think that is it

Once I actually taste everything I made, I can give a better update. I will post a recipe each day & the food critic (Max)’s opinion! Stay tuned.

11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?

Yesterday was summer and today is Christmas. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Growing up, my Mom always told us the best time to shop was RIGHT after the holidays. All the things were on sale, and you’d just have to keep them up in the rafters until next year. And while I always did as she said, there seems to be a trend where you can shop a few months in advance too??! I went to Hobby Lobby in August and got Christmas stuff… AND then dug up some fall decorations from last year. (I am assuming fall went on sale in February and I missed that, ha.)

My sweet Grandma called for her bi-weekly check in and complained for a good 15 minutes about how people seemed to forget about Thanksgiving this year and go straight to Christmas. I don’t disagree, and I am certainly not mad about it. I love love love the holidays but it seems like these days they really sneak up on you (as previously mentioned..)!

We went to Starbucks on the way to the airport this morning and they had holiday cups! ALREADY! And might I say, I love them. They are vvvvvvv-cute. Wondering if the red + green cups with cause controversy this year, especially because they said “We wish you a merry coffee”. I think it’s cute + I am never, ever offended by anything, but I am sure someone will be.

Merry Everything & Happy Always.

11.07.19- Crunchy P

We adopted a puppy. ADOPTED. And it was the best choice ever. We had been looking for months at mini-goldendoodles (hypoallergenic, non-shedding, perfect size) and couldn’t find one for less than a two-grand OR that was even conceived yet. We were on a waiting list for Fall of 2021. How is that even a thing? To make a long story, short (or at least shorter), I am part of the Arizona Doodles Group on facebook.. and someone posted a scraggly rescue that was genetically tested and came out as a mini-goldendood! Without hesitating, we jumped at it! And within weeks we had a sweet little baby boy! He was found in an industrial park, and was believed to have never had a family. He was in quarantine for a few months because he was found with mange, but is now as healthy as ever!

Holy shit puppies are a lot of work. Who even knew they could poop SO much? I mean he’s only 21 pounds and I swear poops out at least 5 pounds a day. I mean it is miraculous. Other pitfalls of adopting a MALE dog is that they freaking pee on everything, instinctually. Now, I know people (like my parents) who have trained their male dog not to, but when you get them off the streets, you don’t really get the benefit of training them. The streets trained this little guy...

Crunch started puppy school a few weeks ago, and has been thriving. He hates treats, but loves affection, so we reward him throughly. He snuggles like it’s nobodies business + never ever barks. He is really the best puppy we could’ve asked for, and even though it was likely the WORST time we could have ever adopted a dog, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

Adopt, don’t shop. I won’t ever shop again. This little dude loves being here, but we love having him more.

Tell me your puppy stories; or tips + tricks. Those are welcome, too!

P.S. His name is Crunch, last name Palmer.

Soo, Crunchy P. He isn’t gross, crunchy and crusty if that is where your mind went.

11.06.19 Social Hiatus

You may have noticed, and if you didn’t notice, you are clearly new or NOT subscribed, that I have been MIA (missing in action, we aren’t all millennials) for the last 2 months or so. And there are a few reasons for that. Since my blog is mine, I shall be transparent and list those here:

  1. The holiday season (Q4) is busier than shit. Work, kids, schedules, travel, you name it, it’s busy.
  2. My posting was getting inauthentic. I was posting to just get content out and I stopped loving it.
  3. Our house has been in utter disarray. I haven’t even been able to keep up with dishes, let alone take time to write, post and plan.
  4. My mental state has been wacky. I haven’t been myself. I have been stressed beyond belief and needed to put more time into being me.
  5. I wrecked & still don’t have a car.
  6. Oh- and we got a puppy. Which looking back, was poor timing. Yes, we can admit it.

But, I am back, and I am so excited to share what is coming up in the next few weeks. I have tons of good pictures, companies, stories and recipes that will be worth the wait.

I am hoping this season (of life) will be better & healthier. It has been a rough couple weeks in our house, but we have finally all recovered from the flu, the mental mess + financial drama. With the help of my trusty steed, Crunch, we are getting back in the swing of things.

Stay Tuned, please.

9|1|19- Talkin’ Body

Real talk for just a few minutes. If as a woman, you are confident all the time, you are either lying, or you’re some sort of alien from God knows where. I am the first person to say that feeling confident or the lack thereof is subjective. And I say that mostly because people are very quick to say, “your worst is better than my best” or “you’re so thin you shouldn’t ever feel like you aren’t happy with yourself”. Well eff off and eff off. I have more days than I would like to admit that I hate the way I look.

So to get into it, here’s how I sometimes feel and what I have gathered from those feelings. Feel FREE to let me know if you relate. I go through periods of time where I HATE the way my clothes fit. I change 4 or 5 times before I leave the house, and then I do my hair or change something else about my appearance to make it all better (or at least try to make it all better). And then there are times that I feel super confident. I put on the first thing I see and I am rocking it. I sometimes correlate these times with my time of the month and I sometimes relate it to hmm I don’t know, insanity? It is so hard to explain, but the more I have been open about it, the more I have found people relate to it.

I, for a long time, never worried about my weight or working out. I was super active and between dancing, and competitive gymnastics fitness was pretty much taken care of. I ate what I wanted, and never gained an ounce. Moving into my adult life, things didn’t come that easy. I gained tons of weight in college and literally hated who I saw in the mirror. I made huge life changes, and realized that being healthy was about to take a lot more effort. People often assume that I am fit by design, which would in fact, be wrong. Not only do I have to workout daily, but my diet plays a huge role in my health and physical heath. Without one or the other, my life falls to literal shit. Not only do I hate the way I look, but I also hate the way I feel.

Nonsense. Why is it so hard as an adult to stay fucking healthy? Jesus.

I have my moments, where I am happy as a clam, and I have my moments where I am a fat rat eating cheese. Luckily, I have the worlds best support system- to support me when I obsess over working out and eating healthy, and remind me that my ass still looks great. (hehe, love you dude).

This week, (today), I started the Pure Barre 30 in 60 challenge. Which, as it reads, is 30 classes in 60 days. This sort of shit motivates me. I am already 1 for 1. I will fall behind I’m sure, but I will keep you all updated.

Anyways, point being, you’re fine. No matter where you are in your life, you’re fine.

Perfect. Just. The. Way. You. Are.



GOoOoood freaking Lord. This week has been insane in the membrane. I was so relieved that today was finally Friday, until I got hit by a giant rock on the freeway at 7am this morning, which resulted in a shattered windshield.  Oh but it gets better, AAA doesn’t make replacement windshields for brand new cars (which I suppose makes sense) so they have to call Cadillac and see if they can get me a new windshield. Perks of a 2019, NOT. All the while, I cannot drive it because I can’t see out the drivers side. Luckily we have another car, but shit.

End Rant. (Probably)

This week was a whirlwind, and it really made me think a lot about the relationships in my life; friendships, relationships, companionship, and all the other ships. (That was meant to be funny).

As a side note: I bought a cheap roller chair mat on Amazon, because who spends $50 on a roller mat, and I probably should have, damn it. My chair has sunk into this cheap plastic and I’m freaking miserable. 

But anyways, I had a fall out with a friend this week, and it really broke my heart. When it all took place, I had the opportunity to address it and I didn’t. Now, partially because I am a cry baby and I would’ve cried, but also partially because I was speechless, I had no words. So was walking away the best option? Maybe, maybe not. After I had time to think, I sent a really well thought and honest message, laying out my feelings and the effect it had on me. For me, waiting and being methodical is the right way to go about things like this, because I have the tendency to be a huge hot head. What followed was the most important part. It turned into a really good conversation about expressing our feelings and giving some space. By now, it’s almost completely over. Aside from some lingering feelings, it felt great to have an honest conversation about what happened. It made me think about why I take the time and composure to repair some relationships, and not others. I tried to bring it full circle and do some digging into how forgiveness and compassion show up in my life.

Sometimes the most chaotic weeks bring a lot of good leanings. This week was one of those for sure. Just like I prioritize things in my schedule when I am busy, I prioritize relationships, too (which is completely normal). This week brought back some awareness into what relationships I am prioritizing and WHY. I feel like I am ending this week with a lot of clarity and peace with all the relationships I have in my life, and how much time and effort I dedicate to keeping them aligned.

SO aside from the effing windshield, I feel at peace. PLUS t-minus 6 days until we head off to Denver, and t- minus 13 days until my bestie is back in town!

As a highlight for this week, my favorite gal pal and I do what we call “Two-sday” where we drink 2 bottles of Rosé on Tuesday’s. It’s like an adult playdate, and I’m obsessed. So enjoy the featured image, from Twosday!

Enjoy your long weekend, I know I will!


08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season

Breaking- Freaking- News. It’s the first day of fall (according to Starbucks) which means pumpkin is back. Side note: Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased Pumpkin Spice K- Cups, so I knew it was officially the season. Can you believe it is already fall? Or close to it.. ha. 

Anyways, if you are anything like me, and coffee runs in your veins, you have the Starbucks app, and you get alllll the Starbucks emails. The email I got yesterday introduced Pumpkin back onto the menu. Now, I am very particular, and I stick to my very basic coffee’s but when Pumpkin comes back, all bets are off. This year, since cold brew and nitro cold brew have been so popular, they introduced a pumpkin cold foam, on top of cold brew. AND MAN, was this a winner. I love pumpkin, but not overly overly sweet. This nailed it. For someone who wants the idea of fall while still sweating it out in 115 degree weather… boom. (A girl can dream of fall, okay?)

Pretty sure the car next to me watched me have a photo shoot with my coffee, and I decided to not use any of those pictures anyways.. (upside down happy face)

Please enjoy the irony of this fall pumpkin drink in front of a cactus, thank you, Scottsdale. 


7|31|19- Ironman

Holy shit! How can I skip past THIS?! Last weekend, the day after my birthday (which explains why I was not present), my brother did an Ironman. Side note: I have been corrected more times than I can count for saying, “my brother ran an ironman”, when in fact, he swam, biked AND ran an Ironman.

ANYWAYS- my brother is the kind of kid who never says no to a challenge. And by never, I mean never. I so vividly remember a trip in Big Bear Lake, CA in the dead of winter, we were all in the hot tub when someone challenged Patrick to a competition of who could stand in the snow the longest. So in all his glory, for something like $10, he stood out in the snow with a family friend of ours for God only knows how long. If that doesn’t show his competitive nature, here is another one (that I am sure he won’t be thrilled I am sharing on this public platform). Years ago, the “Gallon Challenge” was a thing. The challenge was drinking 1 gallon (of any fluid), because notoriously it was not possible. Well, one day, while camping, Patrick and his best friend decided to drink a gallon of water. It was going well, UNTIL, Patrick was attempting to cough when he simultaneously projectiled water out every orifice. No one wins in a competition like that.

But okay, with that background, you get a pretty solid grasp of his nature, now for the story.  I think it was around New Years, that my brother and his friends were all drinking, and bad choices and drinking go hand in hand. They all decided to sign up for an Ironman in Whistler, Canada. The stakes got higher when the challenge was applied; if anyone didn’t finish, they had to pay everyones entry fee’s. Now, both guys my brother signed up with were experienced in races of similar facets. Derek runs marathons, and David does…. something.

Regardless, my brother finished (THANK GOD), and I could not be more proud. I don’t think he wants to do another ever again, but what a freaking accomplishment. 

Patrick- I am so so so proud of you. Your willpower, athleticism, and attitude is to be admired. I love you lots!


7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)

First a story, then the fun stuff!

Pretty much the day I graduated high school, I was gone. No, I didn’t hate my hometown, I didn’t have a poor upbringing (quite the opposite actually), but I was ready to get the heck out. I lived my whole life under one roof, which is not the norm these days, and I am forever grateful for the life I had, but when it was time, I was gone. When I left, I never looked back. I made my way to Arizona, and have been there ever since. I wasn’t one to come home for summer vacation, I wasn’t one to meet up with all my high school buddies on breaks. Instead, I went to summer school, and worked full time (the most fun, I know).

It seemed like after I left, Temecula, CA, got cool. The wineries became a destination, and the city blew up! I’ve gone back once or twice, but really just passed through. This last weekend, (well, a few weekends ago now), I went back and got to re-explore my hometown. We threw my Mom a little surprise party at a local winery, we celebrated (ANOTHER) wedding, and we met up with old friends. It was one of those weekends that you can’t count on 10 hands how freaking lucky you are. I had every person I love in one place, and in a place I love. It was so perfect, I could go on forever. (And there was an earthquake, talk about some action!)

Sooooo, Temecula places to go:

  1. Wilson Creek Winery– a family favorite (cause it’s a family friend & it’s amazing!)
    • Try the Almond Champagne *drool*
  2. Swing Inn Cafe– this place opens at 5am, so let it be your early morning coffee stop
    • GET A FREAKING CINNAMON ROLL. I didn’t even get a picture of it, before it was gone. You won’t regret it.
  3. Pechanga Resort– The best place to stay! It’s on the south end of town, but it’s worth the drive. Plus, you really never have to leave if you don’t want to. This place has it all!
    • Hit up the pool, and get yourself the steak salad, yummmmmmy.

Pictures below!